Why Any Greyhound Can Win The He's My Man Classic Final At Palm Beach

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Jason Michael

January 17th, 2015

The “Super Bowl of Palm Beach” He’s My Man Classic Final is here! The best racers in the entire club will go paw to paw to see who truly is the best sprinter in South FLA.

Even more national attention will be on this race after JS SpeedyPebbles got a late invite to the Daytona 550, joining Storm Control.

This is being called the one of the most wide open Finals in history at Palm Beach. I will make the case that any one of these Finalists could take home the top prize after all is said and done.

#1 Hustle It Up ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

Amazingly, “Sedona” has drawn the inside boxes in 8 of the last 9 starts. With 15 wins on the season and a great inside rush and close, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this racer as the favorite come post time.
#2 Storm Control ~ B & B Racing

The Daytona 550 invitee and Puppy Stakes Champ has only drawn the inside post twice since his return to racing in October, winning both starts. The Steve Schlachter owned racer has one of the best rushes in the entire country and has a great chance to get out in front this afternoon sitting next to Pushover who doesn’t break what so ever. Interesting enough, Storm also drew the 2 box in next weeks National Championship.

#3 AMF Pushover ~ B & B Racing

When you have the most dynamic close in the entire club, you have a chance in any race. Pushover hasn’t won in three races since coming back from last to win in dramatic fashion in Round 1. He may be due to close another one out today with $50,000 on the line.

#4 JS SpeedyPebbles ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

Shannon Henry will be looking for her second Stakes victory from Pebbles (Dick Andrews Futurity 2013) and is sitting in a great spot in this race. With Pushover & WW’s Genesis not breaking well from the box, the “Queen of Palm Beach” has a strong chance of getting the lead. Only been caught twice on the lead in her whole career at Palm Beach. Is the current season wins leader with 16 of them.

#5 WW’s Genesis ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

Will be the biggest longshot come post time. Only has 9 wins this season but is an 83% board hitter. The only chance I see Genesis possibly taking this if there is trouble around the stretch and he is able to close out any early speedsters. Amazing that Janie Carroll's team of ladies got 3 greyhounds from their Kennel to make the Final. Amazing accomplishment.

#6 Just For Kicks ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

The fastest greyhound on the season (29.11 secs) has been phenomenal in this tournament. "White Lightning" was undefeated in this Tourney up until last race. Is the best combo racer in the field with a dynamite rush and an even better close. “Kicks” will look to give the new Janie Carroll Kennel their first ever Stakes victory at “The Beach.”

#7 PJ Smoke Em Out ~ Agganis Kennel

Simply one of the best lid flippers on the planet. He put that speed on display last race by surprising the all-star field at 18-1 odds by going box to wire. When you have as supreme a rush as “Smokey” does, you can win on any day at Palm Beach. 27 wins all time the last two seasons here.
Turbo Casper

#8 Turbo Casper ~ Rader Racing

Rader Racing has to be thrilled with this box draw. With the slashing Smoke Em Out going straight to the rail, Casper will have all the room in the world to rush. Will he actually take the advantage is the big question. Is a 50% winner in his young career from the 8 box at "The Beach."

My Prediction

I’ve said it from the beginning….I believe JS SpeedyPebbles wins this Tournament. But as I have said in this article, any one of these racers could take the top prize if all goes their way.

Picks 4-2-6-1

Enjoy the He’s My Man Classic everybody!

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