Round 3 of the $50K James W Paul 3/8ths Derby at Palm Beach Wednesday February 13, 2013

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Eb Netr

February 12th, 2013

Can WWK Paylessshoes stay undefeated in this series? We'll find out in the 15th race on Wednesday afternoon when he faces 7 opponents in the 15th race at Palm Beach Kennel Club. Before that race though, there are three other races in the third round of this route series.

Race 10 features Palm City Pamela who did well from the inside in her last race. Can she do as well from the 7 box as she did from the 3 box? She's at 9-1 in the Morning Line. Tomei, at 3-1, improves her position by moving from the 8 box to the 4 box. Budz Seasons in the 5 will be trying to regain the form that has kept her in A for six races.

Race 12 has a good mix of breakers and closers. I like #3 Rogue Sutton and wonder why #2 Jennah is at 13-1 in the Morning Line. With good position, I think she could surprise.

Race 14 has one of my picks from the last round, Verdun, in the 8 box. I also like #2 Ethereal Epitome and #1 Atascocita Tiera to hit the board.

Race 15 is where WWK Paylessshoes gets to show his stuff. He looks formidable, but as I did in the 14th, I think #1 Hookem Daisy and #2TB's Scarlet could be heard from here.

The survivors of this round will run in the semifinals next Sunday afternoon, the 17th. And the finalists will be battling for victory on Saturday afternoon, February 23rd.

It's always exciting to watch route racers and this series gives us a chance to watch the best of the best at PBKC.