Sixteen Semi-Finalists Compete in the $20K Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes Sunday April 14, 2013

Eb Netr

April 14th, 2013

Superior Kotton (B&B Kennel) is in the lead with 36 points from the qualifying rounds with two seconds and a third place finish. PJ Timeless (Rader) and Superior Dagger (B&B Kennel) are next with 35 points, so the margin is very small as they compete in races 12 and 14.


Race 12 is very hard to handicap. The way I see it, #4 Superior Dagger has the speed, #1 Ol' Stewball has the post advantage, #6 D'Bull's Megan has the class and #7 Superior Kellogg has the wins to qualify for a place at the wire. However, there have been some surprises in the qualifying rounds, so nothing will surprise me in this one.


Race 14 has LOTS of speed. Don't blink or you'll miss this one. While #2 PJ Timeless will probably be the favorite, followed by #4 Superior Kotton, I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that #5 Dr. Duckymallard or #6 Trickapalooza may break out and take the lead and may even win. I'm using them in my exotics, although I'm not leaving the 2 or the 4 out.


The finals of the Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes will take place next Saturday, April 20th, when the 8 top point scorers compete in the 12th race.