Ashley Young tops list of EPL players who need to retire

Profile Picture: Donald Wine

October 10th, 2019

The English Premier League is loaded with talent, with some of the best players in the world playing at the highest level. However, there are some who have outstayed their welcome and probably should be collecting retirement benefits. Here are the five players who should seriously consider calling it a career.

Ashley Young (Manchester United)

At 34, Young is doing everything short of decomposing on the field. As Manchester United free falls in the standings, the Red Devils captain is in the starting 11 each week. Manchester United would be better served seeing him walking off the field at his testimonial match and moving on with someoneyoung?

Phil Jagielka (Sheffield United)

Jagielka turned 37 in August and is the oldest player in the EPL to see time on the pitch this season. Jagielka is finishing his career with Sheffield United, the team he started with before he played at Everton for 12 years. He began playing before some of the league’s younger stars were even born. When he went to Sheffield this season, most fans forgot he began his career there and played there for seven years as a professional.
It’s time to go.

Jonny Evans (Leicester City)

Evans is 31 years old and is now at Leicester City after a lengthy career at Manchester United, Royal Antwerp, Sunderland and West Bromwich Albion. He was a defender that many fans loved to hate when he was at Manchester United, and now he has to do the right thing and exit at the nearest touchline.

Ben Foster (Watford)

Why is Foster on this list? Because he’s the second-oldest player in the EPL and has played for eleventy billion teams. He began his career in the early years of Tony Blair’s tenure as Britain’s prime minister and has played everywhere from Manchester United to Kidderminster Harriers. He also began his career with Racing Club Warwick, which currently plays in the ninth division of soccer in England. It’s been a lengthy, rewarding career for Ben Foster, so he should rest on his laurels and hang up his gloves.

Charlie Daniels (Bournemouth)

Daniels is 33 years old and has played in the EPL for 57 years, it seems. You have to go back to 2004 to recall the last time a team didn’t have Daniels on its senior roster. He has spent the most time at Bournemouth, and it feels like he’s played so long, he should own the club. That’s actually a good idea. Daniels should get into ownership and give up this soccer business.

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