Top six soccer betting markets

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June 12th, 2019

As you seek out playable options for the numerous soccer matches coming your way this summer, there are several markets ripe with action that could land you some money. Here are six ways you can play a particular soccer match or wager across multiple games.

1x2 FT

The most popular play is to pick a team to win the game straight up. If one team is a clear favorite, there may not be much value in placing money on them. But you can find several matches with enticing odds in the group stages of the tournament. You can also bet on a draw if you think the match will reach a stalemate.

Winning margin

What do you think the total margin of victory will be? Play either team by one goal or several by playing the winning margin for the team you think will win. For example, USA to win by 3 goals over Chile in the Women's World Cup gives you odds of +470.


Are you certain a particular player is going to find the back of the net? You can select said player and determine when they score: the first goal, the last goal of the game, or at any point during the game.

Total goals

Do you think both teams will put up a lot of goals in a match? Select the over for the total number of goals you think will be scored in the contest. Think it’s going to be a game where few balls hit the back of the net? Take the under. The over/under is set at 5 for USA vs. Chile. If you watched USA's performance against Thailand, you know the over (-144) is fairly likely...

Asian handicap

The Asian handicap is a way for fans to capitalize on the three-way moneyline. It allows you to get a form of insurance for your play, such as Brazil at -2.75 in its match with Bolivia in Copa America.

Multi-bet exact score

With this play, you can bet on the exact score of the game by making multiple selections with one play. So, if you think it will be a 4-1 victory for Mexico against Cuba in Saturday’s Gold Cup opener, play the “2-1, 3-1, 4-1” multi-bet exact score line.

There are endless possible plays for every match, so find the one that interests you!

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