Southland's Razorback Classic Round 2 On Wednesday May 8, 2013

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Eb Netr

May 7th, 2013

It's not often that you get a mid-week program with as many high class races or as many routes as this one. Wednesday's twilight program at the West Memphis oval will feature thirteen SAA races at the 660 yard distance as the Razorback Classic resumes.

Also on the program are two AA sprints and a grade A sprint along with 4 other sprint races from grade B though grade D. So, whether you like long races where the dogs can use their skills as well as their speed to win, or sprints, you won't be disappointed on Wednesday night.

This series started on Saturday afternoon and had a couple of standout performances.

Favorites, KL's Suede and Smokey Joe, won the 6th and 15th races, but I was surprised when the crowd made 9th race winner SE's Home Owner the second favorite behind Flying Marvelous, who came in second after a hard fought battle on the rail. They're both very classy dogs who don't give up without a fight.

AMF Bad Bounce won the 11th race in a surprise victory at 6-1 and he did it from the difficult 6 box by 7 lengths and in spite of trouble when there was a traffic jam on the escape turn and four dogs got tangled up.

In this round, Smokey Joe is back in the 9th race, coming off a 6 and a half length win. I think he'll win this one too and he's at 9-1 in the morning line but won't go off at those odds.

In the 11th race, KL's Suede is the dog to beat, but I don't think he'll get beaten this time around. He has the speed, position and determination to get to turn in another sub 37 second performance, I think.

In race 13, Flying Marvelous is in the 2 post for the third time in three races. If she can get the rail, she could beat this bunch, although she has some tough competition in AMF Bad Bounce in the 8 box.

In the 15th race, Barcelona Boss looks very comfortable in the 8 box. With 15 out of 22 for the quiniela, and many of those wins from outside boxes, it's no wonder. I expect him to show up first at the finish with #5 AMF Reset right behind him.

In the 16th race, the big question is whether Tiger Boy in the 8 box will manage to avoid trouble. He seems to be trouble-prone, although he also is fast and agile enough to overcome it, as he did in his last race where he came in second. He can run from any box, so let's see if he can go box to wire here.

The 17th race is a mystery to me. I can give you a reason for any one of these dogs to win and several reasons why each of them could lose, so I'll just say that the outside dogs look like they have more of a chance than the inside dogs do.

The 18th race has SE's Home Owner in the 2 box and he's my pick for the winner. He's kind of the Zenyatta of greyhounds, never winning by more than he has to, but almost always there at the wire. His litter mate, SE's Final Stride in the 4 box is no slouch either in the winning department, with 4 wins out of 11 races at Southland. They could be the quiniela.

Cicero Drive in the 8 box in the 20th race will probably have it all his own way if he closes the way he usually does. I wouldn't be surprised to see the 7 V J Dinah chasing him or vice versa. The route racing action continues in the 3rd round on May 13th with the 4th round on May 18th. The finals will be held on May 24th.

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