Your Insight: How will Rosie Napravnik perform in 2013?

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TwinSpires Staff

January 25th, 2013

In last week’s newsletter offer we asked you how you think the up and coming Rosie Napravnik will perform in 2013. Will she surpass her already outstanding accomplishments?

“Rosie will most definitely out do herself in 2013.  She is a great jockey and will continue to improve and be even better yet in 2013. She holds her own and it's great to see a female jockey in the position she is in.”

“Yes, Rosie had a very good year and I see Rosie having at least as good, if not better as I am rooting for Rosie!”

“Great jockey, but may not have as great a year.”

“Rosie should have another good year she is my favorite female jockey.”

“I think that Rosie Napravnik will have as good a year in 2013 as she had in 2012.  She has established herself with elite trainers and will continue to get chances to ride the best horses!”

“It’s tough to determine if Rosie's record will improve or drop off. On one hand, she will be offered more promising mounts, but on the other, she will no longer be able to sneak up on the other riders. If I was a betting man (oh yeah, I am), I would bet that last year's success put a bulls eye on her back and she will see a drop off in performance.”

“She will be the meet leader.”

“Yes I think Rosy will do better in 2013 than she did in 2012, because she has more experience and has many more contacts that have better horses. I sure hope she will win the 2013 KY Derby, good luck Rosy.”

“I do not think she will top her winning record of last year. She will win her share of races and might win the jockey crown again.”

“I believe she will only improve once she got the basic riding down she is set for victory it’s just a long tough fight to become a very good rider she’ll be fine.”

“You go girl! She can only get better with more experience.”

“Her best chance at a banner year might be with Shanghai Bobby.  She rode him to victory in last year's BC Juvenile, and should be on him as he begins his 3 year old campaign.  While there can be many slips along the way, he could emerge as a legitimate Kentucky Derby prospect, and riding a Derby contender always enhances a jockey's career. I'll certainly be rooting for Rosie as the season progresses.”

We think Rosie will be great in 2013, and wouldn’t it be awesome if she made an appearance at the Kentucky Derby? Go Rosie! Thanks for taking the time to respond and for all of the supportive responses; We're positive Rosie would appreciate the encouragement and well wishes.

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