Your Insight: St. Patrick's Day Green

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TwinSpires Staff

March 22nd, 2013

In last week’s newsletter offer we asked you to tell us your plans for St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s what you had to say…

“I'm excited because I have a chance to win the green :)”

“I have no special plans. Being of Norwegian heritage I often accuse my Irish friends that because of the Viking raids, they really aren't Irish at all. They're all descended from Norwegian raiders.”

“Heck yeah green is money. It’d be nice to hit big at the track this weekend :-)”

“I will be eating plenty of corned beef and cabbage, drinking beer and betting horses on line at”

“It will be a green day in more ways than one. Green Holliday, green clothes, and green money wagering with Bet America!! Thanks for the three greenbacks!!”

“I will be partying, wearing green and drinking anything green with my girlfriend and other friends.”

“Happy St Patrick's Day  - My plans are going to the parade in Boston with friends then go to our local Irish bar for a pint and Irish music. End up at home to bet the races with Bet America. Wish me luck.”

“Eat corned beef and cabbage and drink some Guinness Extra Stout.”

“I will be wearing my green shirt and also have my enclosed 4 leaf clover with me. Luck and knowledge should prevail that day.”

“I plan on watching the Nascar race and college basketball tourney selection show while wearing my green ND shirt and drinking green beer.”

“For St. Patrick's day, I will have just arrived in Moscow for a week of business meetings. I will try and find an Irish pub in the center of Moscow. Wish me luck!”

“I don't have any real plans for green on Sunday. I live in Pennsylvania and am going to the Hershey Bears AHL hockey game. I wish I was going to the horse races but nobody close by is running. I could watch on my computer but I like going away.”

“I am planning to wear green on St. Patrick's Day and buy a lottery ticket!”

Thank you for all of the great responses, and I hope you all enjoyed at least a little bit of luck this St. Patty’s Day. Let’s keep the luck rolling! Good luck at the races.

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