Your Insight: Trip to the Track

TwinSpires Staff

January 17th, 2013

In last week’s newsletter offer we asked you how you prefer to attend races at the track, with your family, friends or by yourself. The overall response was varied making it easy to recognize that each custom has its benefits.

“For me a day at the races is much more enjoyable when it is shared with a friend or family member.  While I have gone to the track by myself a number of times, I've had the most fun when I've been with someone. There is a certain joy in discussing an upcoming race, and then rooting for both your pick, and if it is not successful, rooting for your friend's to do well also. A winning ticket is much better when you can show it to someone else who cares how you are doing. On my most recent trip to the track, I took my 15 year old grandson for his first time at the track. It was a real treat to see him try to apply some of the principles of handicapping I had tried to teach him and see the joy in his face when his pick ran well.”

“While I like going to the races alone as well, I prefer to go with a friend. We can read the form and debate which horses we like. Also it is a great place to take a date, especially if she has never been before. Something different for her, especially if you place a small wager each race on the horse she likes. Usually will get a winner or two I wouldn't pick based on the form!”

“When I attend the races, it is a day or evening just for me.”

“I enjoy going alone too hard to focus when you go with others.”

“We always go as a family to many of the local tracks in the Northeast including Delaware, Philly Park, Monmouth and Pimlico. The 3 kids always enjoy their side wagers and chance to root on their favorite horse/number!”

“I prefer going to the horse races with a couple of my friends. My wife is not a fan so that is mainly why I go with friends. One buddy and I always go and initiate the trip to the track and then get a couple other people to go along. Our favorite track is Churchill downs, due to the proximity and history.”

“I usually go alone. Hazel Park Raceway nearby, live racing is nice in the spring-summer.”

“All 3......a day at the races is never bad...alone or with friends and family.”

“I attend races and I like to meet other friends and family there.  It is a great experience to be outdoors some, walk around, eat, visit and have a good time.  We also try to win some money, but usually end up donating!”

We love reading what you have to say each week, because we feel privileged that you’re willing to share some of “your insight” with us. We look forward to learning more about you.

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