Your Insight: Valentine's Day Surprise

TwinSpires Staff

February 23rd, 2013

In last week’s newsletter offer we asked you to tell us how you thought your significant other might react to a surprise Valentine’s Day at the track. And if you didn’t have a particular Valentine this year, we asked you to think of the most outrageous reaction someone might have if their loved one suggested an outing at the track on Valentine’s Day. We received the most responses ever since we began the newsletter offer. They may also be some of the best responses we’ve ever had. Decide for yourself…

“I wouldn't love him anymore for it, but, I would laugh and be very excited about it!   Our hope is to one day visit Del Mar!!  Living in PA,  it's not an easy task for us!   Also, one day get to visit Zenyatta!!! I freaking love that horse!!!  So, yes, it would be a great day and I would be laughing and totally looking forward to it!!!  I love my pony races, and betting on them is so much better when the win comes with the bet!!!”

“She would say "you're on your own because you know I don't like horses".”

“She would laugh till I tell her I'm serious then be mad till we get there lol....and surprised when we get home with dinner.”

“She would say, get your crippled ass up and let’s go !!!!!! Instead of you sitting here playing at the pc. Ironically this is what I suggested and we're going to spend evening at the Meadows in PA.”

“He offered to do exactly that...and told me about the newsletter...”

“She would cut out a picture of the south end of a horse heading north. She would give it to me and say since you have so much in common, take the picture to the track, I'm going shopping.”

“My wife is a real trooper and after receiving a dirty look from her she would consent and then she would place a couple of show bets and lose. I would bet big and lose too much money and receive a scolding from her about it. This proves that I'm lucky in love but not anywhere else.”


“If I told my girlfriend we were going to the track for the day, she would be thrilled because it would mean we were flying to Miami (there are no tracks in the Cayman Islands).”

“My husband would say are you ready yet? Let’s go.”

“In no way this would happen, she would tell me to go to gamblers anonymous.”

“We are doing this. Going to Oaklawn this weekend!”

“If I told my wife, "We're going to the track", she would probably be enthusiastic, but her reaction would be very different depending upon which track I had in mind.  She likes racing, but also loves the ambiance of certain tracks more than others.  If it were August or early September and I were to suggest a trip to Saratoga, she would be ready on a moment's notice, since she loves the atmosphere surrounding the Spa. But I have a feeling that if I wanted to attend the races at the Big A in mid February, the reaction might be more toward, "Do we have to?"

“I'd get clubbed with a baseball bat.”

“If it was a dog track in Florida would not be a problem. Going to local track at this time of year would not be appreciated. Probably end up in the dog house.”

“Already done this, she went to the track happily, I think she kept the gambling money I gave her to go shopping”

“Before we were married, my sweetheart would accompany me anywhere and that included the track. Now, that would be met with violent reaction.”

“If a special day on Valentine's Day was planned, and I insisted on going to the track, my significant other would both cry and throw me out of the house lol. Now if I asked her to go to Churchill for a Kentucky Derby party in May then the reaction would be different; so I will wait till May.”

Thank you so much for sharing your great Valentine’s Day responses with us. I would laugh after reading one response, and then I would still be laughing as I read the next. I declare these responses my new favorite thus far. Keep them coming! We love to know what you have to say.

Look out for this week’s issue of Inside Insight to participate in the next exclusive newsletter offer. We’ll be featuring your responses in a “Your Insight” blog post each week, so don’t forget to check back because your response just might be featured.